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New People’s Army in the Philippines

The New People’s Army (NPA), an insurgent group in the Philippines, attacked a Del Monte supplier in Bukidnon Province yesterday, causing property damage and casualties ( Despite NPA claims regarding the effect on the environment of the company’s expansion, the attack was likely sparked by failure of the company to pay sufficient extortion money to the rebel group.

Political Gridlock in Nepal

Politics in Nepal have been gridlocked between Maoists and centrists since 2008. Fresh setbacks to appointment of an interim prime minister ( does not augur well for political stability in the near future.

Peace process in Philippines unlikely to yield quick security gains

Hopes have recently increased for a peace process in MIndanao ( However, the process is powered by a politician seeking a capstone to his career, which is insufficient to satisfy the  broad spectrum of insurgents who will continue to have criminal incentives post-agreement. The peace process is unlikely to yield any great security gains in the next year.