Corr Analytics offers a full range of strategic political risk mitigation and analysis to inform executive decisions at enterprise and operational levels, including quantified political and criminal risk metrics and comparative tax, corruption and regulatory risk. Services optimized for the commercial and government sectors include:

  • Dedicated in-country field research
  • Qualitative focus groups and interviewing
  • Quantitative survey administration
  • Expert polling
  • Targeted network services
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Strategic, communications, and intelligence planning

Deliverables include single and serialized products, custom-produced for the client.

  • Impact assessments
  • Political risk assessments
  • Political hazard rate estimation
  • Emerging market comparisons
  • Quantitative global country political risk comparisons
  • Red team and verification of political risk methodologies
  • Electoral analysis and predictions
  • Predictive analysis of political risk levels
  • Estimation of political event likelihoods (e.g., wars, coups, revolutions, adverse regime change, and investment nationalization)
  • Monte Carlo simulation of complex political-economic strategic interactions
  • Decision analysis
  • Raw data verification, trend analysis, and regression analysis
  • Experimental methods applied to survey instruments and operations assessments

Commercial services include provision of investment-specific political risk assessments, mitigation strategies, post-event damage limitations, analysis of cultural schism, rural and urban population dynamics, public opinion assessments, and assistance to enterprises operating in conflictual or politically adverse environments.

Qualitative Analysis
Corr Analytics and over a dozen associates have extensive experience in broad strategic intelligence analysis of international relations, as well as more specific qualitative expertise of politics in regional and substantive areas, including China, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, India, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Thailand, Myanmar, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Chile.

Analysis has included information operations planning and execution, causal process mapping, political network analysis, legal analysis, economic analysis, border security analysis, insurgency analysis, stability measurement, and political prediction.

Quantitative Analysis
Corr Analytics has experience in trend analysis, survey design, survey analysis, sample size estimation, multivariate linear regression, automated graphing, data-mining, automated event mapping, experimental methods, assessment methods, automated text analysis, automated text parsing, multiple imputation of missing data, matching, propensity score analysis, Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulations, formal economic modeling, and agent-based modeling.

Bespoke Client Solutions
Clients are provided with a menu of solutions to fit their problem, including remote consultation over a specified time-period, consulting retainer services, and full-time on-site analysis.