Corr Analytics is currently conducting a global search to fill the following positions. Interested persons may send a resumé to info@canalyt.com. International applicants are encouraged to apply. People of every background, including any gender, ethnicity, or religion, are encouraged to apply.

Author: Write a peer-reviewed article, working paper, or opinion piece for the Journal of Political Risk (JPR). See JPR’s submission guidelines for more information.

Statistical intern: Work with authors, analysts, and area experts to augment their research using statistical methods. Use C++, Java, SPSS, SAS, Stata, R, and other programming and data analysis tools to produce creative econometric, statistical, and quantitative analysis, tables, and graphs. If you do not have experience in programming or statistical software such as the above, Corr Analytics has a preference for C++, Java, and R. These are easy to learn, and R is a good place to start.

Editorial intern: Work with authors, analysts, and area experts to learn about producing finished analytic products for a peer-reviewed publication. Conceive and implement creative solutions and additions to the work of authors.

Business intern: Learn how to use marketing and networking skills to obtain and manage contacts, authors, and clients. Integrate teams with the necessary combination of skills to implement content, technology, press, and event strategies.

Technology intern: Learn about optimizing publicity and marketing strategies. Develop and implement multimedia supply to push content and analysis in creative approaches to business development. Sponsor events as an integral member of the team.

Press intern: Develop creative strategies to increase press coverage of analysis by Corr Analytics. Learn to use networking skills to obtain and manage contacts with members of the press. Write press releases, develop press kits, and sponsor events as part of a team.

About internships

While Corr Analytics is based in New York, we have intern opportunities on multiple continents. Corr Analytics focuses on the education and training of our interns, who are under close supervision of our existing staff.  The internship experience is not for the benefit of Corr Analytics, but rather, is customized for the benefit and career aspirations of the individual intern. Interns join the Corr Analytics training program with the full understanding that it is an unpaid position, cannot exceed 35 hours per week, expenses are not reimbursed unless pre-authorized, no liability is accepted for intern actions or risks, and no promise of paid employment is made prior, during, or after the program. Interns are not provided with company benefits, such as vacation time, sick time, health benefits, paid holidays, and unemployment compensation.  Depending on intern needs, interns may be eligible for Corr Analytics email addresses, business cards, and press passes for the duration of the internship. Interns are required to provide 1) a letter of concurrence from their academic advisors (if they are students, otherwise a statement of educational and training goals), and 2) weekly Friday updates that include number of hours devoted to the internship, as well as educational and training goals achieved.